The Truth About Black Hair Business

Let’s face it, everybody is in the hair game nowadays, whenever you are scrolling through your bestie’s Instagram posts or checking out the latest hair trends on Pinterest, sponsored ads can always find you through all the tech companies’ advanced algorithms.  In the same time, you also have been flooded with terms like “Remy”, “Brazilian Hair” “Peruvian Virgin Hair” “Mink” “Cambodian Raw Hair”...etc., some brands will throw any exotic names you can think of to be their new hair collection name! Some will say it’s marketing savvy, but in my opinion, don’t the customers deserve to know where the hair comes from at least?  Today, we’ll debunk some of the claims in the black hair business for you.

1. “Brazilian”, “Peruvian”, “Malaysian Hair”?

Let’s think about it from a scientific perspective, in 2011, <The Guardian> published an article about the demographic change in Brazil, here is a direct quote from the article:

“the proportion of people declaring themselves black or mixed race has risen from 44.7% to 50.7%, making African-Brazilians the official majority for the first time.”


You know by now that all the “Brazilian Remy“ poster featuring models with silky smooth 30” straight hair doesn’t fit the reality of what real Brazilian hair looks like.  In the blogger’s opinion, people from all ethnic backgrounds have beautiful hair, it doesn’t matter what his/her nationality or race is, his/her hair is a unique expression of its own genetic traits.  


2. Where Is The Hair Really From?

Most of you who have been buying/selling hair long enough probably already know, the hair itself might be from different parts of Asia -- Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma… ect., but 90% of the manufactures are from China.  You might wonder, why is that?

From the picture above you can tell that by strand, people of the Asian race has the thickest hair, which makes it able to stay straight when it grows to a certain length without curling, also because the hair volume per person, makes the Asian population’s hair the ideal material to be made into silky straight, body wave, deep wave and other textures.   


3. Do You Carry 40” Bundles?

Unfortunately we don’t.  Because we only sell human hair extensions, and we want to keep our business sustainable while keeping our promise to you.  

Generally, it takes 3 years for someone to grow their hair to 16”, at least 5 years to 20”, and when the hair is cut off,  the stylist usually leaves at least 6” to make the person look fresh. It takes years before anyone can grow their hair past 30”, they would just sell it to a hair collector for $50?  I certainly wouldn’t if I were her. Realistically, the hair collector needs to make some money from this deal, after that it’s the factory - the importer - the store, when everyone makes some profit from it, then finally, it comes to you.  Some vendors from certain platforms, have bundles from 8” up to 48”, the selections are truly remarkable! Mathematically speaking, it won’t be possible! The only way for them to have a constant supply of these ridiculously long hair is to either blend in with horse tail hair or synthetic materials.

4. What Is 8A or 9A?

Like I have explained previously, though the industry itself has so many misconceptions floating around, we still want to tell the good quality hair from the better quality hair.  When you talk to someone who works in the hair factory, he/she uses the following factors to decide how much a bundle is worth -- the origin of the hair, single donor or not, ration of the lengths and the color of the hair.  In our company, 8A grade is from multiple donors and the ratio is good, but 9A grade is from less donors and ratio is even better than 8A, you should have both grades available to your clients so that you can cater to a larger consumer base when building your hair brand.

After reading this, we hope you have gained a little more information on this subject.  Next time if you have to go to another vendor, don’t ask them if the hair is Brazilian or not, instead, just ask them what ratio of the hair is, they will know that you are a very educated buyer in this subject and will think twice before lying to you!  Otherwise, work with us, sell hair and make money!


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