To qualify, you need to submit your information via our contact us page for us to review your identity, we will grant you the "wholesaler" status after the reviewing process, also, you do need to get a minimum of $300 worth of hair at your first time purchase to activate your "wholesaler" status.  After that, your future orders could be however big or small you wish to be, this is our way to differentiate wholesalers from retail buyers.
Yes we do!  But unfortunately, we can't disclose our clients’ information, just as we would to protect yours, all you need to know is that we supply amazing quality hair at an affordable price.  As a matter of fact, one of the biggest difficulties for us to grow our social media following is that we don’t usually get client selfies or can’t tag our celeb stylists, but we are very active in making our presence known in all platforms.
You do need to get a minimum of $300 worth of hair at your first time purchase to become a wholesaler, after that, your future orders could be however big or small you want. This is just our way to differentiate wholesalers from retail buyers.
We understand your passion as well as confusion about starting a business, especially when it comes to beauty. We have tons of info on our website for you to understand deeper about this industry, if you have more questions that we haven’t covered, please contact us to submit your question(s), our team members will give you a call to cover every aspect of your question(s).
We do not offer free samples, however, if you are not willing to spend $300 for the bundles that you are not sure of, we understand! If that’s the case, please contact us for your request and you can buy a few bundles at wholesale price to test out our hair.
It’s a great way to start your business with little costs, to find out more information, please go to Drop-shipping.
Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you about that.  The truth is, 90% of the hair in the market is from China/southeast Asian countries, the so-called "Brazilian" or other exotic names are just a marketing effort to sell bundles, but we do have 2 grades of hair, both are 100% human hair, you can Iron it and bleach. The difference here is that our 9A grade would come out lighter than the 8A grade and the color is more consistent, we recommend you try out both of them just to see which one you like better for your hair collection.  If you would like to know about about the black hair industry, please head to our blog page and read a fascinating piece covering this topic.
Hair extensions are probably the easiest products to private label under your own brand, contact us and we will give you an one-on-one demo to teach you how it’s done.